Before sending your Wooderful life products to service, we recommend that you read the Product Warranty Terms first. We also recommend that you visit the Q&A section of the Wooderful life website to look for related information.
If your problem(s) persist(s), please refer to the service procedure or contact the customer service department of Jean Cultural & Creative Co., Ltd. in your region to help you resolve your problem(s).

※Note: DIY music boxes are not covered by the service.

Contact us if any technical support is needed.

Service process

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I. Application for service over the customer service email.

  • Please go to Jean Customer Service website.
    After receiving a service application, service personnel will send a reply within 3~7 days (except for public and national holidays).
  • To enhance service efficiency and save your precious time and expense, please indicate the following information in your service application:
    • Product name
    • Item number
    • Problem description: (please provide information in greater detail, and photos of videos are recommended to support the problem description)
    • Place of purchase
    • Time of purchase

II. Remote troubleshooting

After receiving your service application, our service personnel will assess if your problem(s) can be resolved through remote troubleshooting by email. Jean Cultural and Creative can help you resolve your problems remotely without you sending back the product. Otherwise, our service personnel will confirm the method(s) for you to send the product to us.