Wooderful Land

Wooderful life keeps innovating and manufacturing interesting, warm, and practical wooden items. Being edutaining, it treasures natural resources and protects the earth.


  • Edutaining

    Through games, it allows children to understand trees, woods, and timber from childhood. It makes them love wood products by planting woods in their hearts.

  • Environmentally friendly

    Use more wood products, and you will help promote forestry indirectly. It helps alleviate the greenhouse effect on earth. When we use wood products, we are contributing our share of decreasing greenhouse gas.

  • Brain Exercise

    Play brain training games to relax your mind and body. You’ll be able to complete the challenges by staying focused and responding spontaneously. Improve your hand-eye-brain coordination by playing the game.

  • Parent-child interaction

    Retrieve childlike heart, explore unlimited creativity and increase family interactions through playing the game. Learn and grow with kids together.

  • ECO- friendly

    Our products are made with qualified solid wood and environmentally friendly water-based paint. We follow the standard of safety compliance to ensure products do no harm to children and environment.


The Wooderful land is a subsidiary brand of Wooderful life. Through sharing knowledge of forest and wood material, we convey nature and environment-loving brand spirit.