Indoor Gardening

These wooden pots are both beautiful and practical. The plant’s life force and wood’s warmth bring simple beauty to your life.

Wooden pot

Little Sunshine

Garden in bottle

Greenhouse Lamp

Genial House

Potting soil

Lovely Parasol

Plant pot

Elegant Shelf

Garden Box


  • Selected wood

    Using legally grown timber from sustainably-operated sources, the quality is stable to allow use with peace of mind. Natural wood grains and colors make you feel the warmth unique to wooden pot.

  • Creative and practical

    Creativity and practicality of everyday life are introduced with these unique pots. Combined to plants, they can become small and neat items to create different style and quality in everyday life at ease.

  • Safety paint

    The simple container series uses food grade and safe water-based paints. Special waterproof processing in the containers gives you peace of mind in daily use.

  • Matching to mood

    It can be matched with lights and decorative plants. Enjoying warm and beautiful green from nature, it brings you practical and innovative taste in daily life.