Experience the fun of DIY by making a unique wood craft yourself. Tinkle the gear yourself, and you will inject your soul and communicate your feelings with it. Make unique memories yourself.


  • 1000 parts

    There are about 1000 parts with different roles, themes, name tags, and parts of your choice. Enjoy the fun of infinite choices.

  • Matching liberally

    The diverse wooden materials come with lovely parts. Assemble lovely moments, and create the landscapes of everyday life with your own hands.

  • Music Track

    More than a hundred of lovely songs of your choice. Just pick the melodies you love. Wind up the clockwork to release your cozy memories.


Choose basic materials

choose parts

pick movements with different songs

check out&begin to DIY

laser service your own wooden craft

Experience the fun of diy by making a unique wood craft yourself.

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