• Music box

    “Interesting actions provided by the clockwork movement!” It is not just a music box . Instead, it communicates the conservation of tradition while engaging in innovation. Using the kinetic theory of physics, it is manufactured with traditional artisanship to animate this wood product with an eternal new life.

  • DIY

    Experience the fun of DIY by making a unique wood craft yourself. Tinkle the gear yourself, and you will inject your soul and communicate your feelings with it. Make unique memories yourself.

  • Wooden Decoration

    Interesting and creative home decorations design. The solid wood transforms life into landscapes with the warmth and timber of wood.

  • Household appliances

    Fusing the warm and simple quality of wood with the products, home electric appliances no longer give you the feeling of being cold anymore. It warms up your everyday life with creativity.

  • Indoor Gardening

    The green magic of sunlight, air, and water make a green life in your home easier than ever. The concept of new green life - the healing lifestyle of light and water allow you to grow plants beautifully indoors.

  • Wooderful Land

    Wooderful life keeps innovating and manufacturing interesting, warm, and practical wooden items. Being edutaining, it treasures natural resources and protects the earth.

  • Authorized theme

    Legal authorizations are secured from the patent-holding companies. Using the most refined wood craftsmanship, each cartoon character is fused into the woodcraft and music box .

  • Peripherals Product

    Present the most unique gift to the special ones. They receive not only the warmth of handmade craft but also a simple and intimate sensation!