2016.11.11 Exhibition

Wooderful life x Metropolitan Music Box Party

Shanghai Henderson Metropolitan: Wooderful life x Metropolitan Music Box Party

First big event of Wooderful life in Shanghai: Metropolitan Music Box Party

This is a magical Christmas music box party!
Besides a dreamy fairytale-like appearance, there hides a thoughtful design in the supersize Christmas music box. There are also the Bing Boom Christmas cannon shooting out gift eggs, fortune marbles, and other fun interactive games. On-site experience of DIY fun with five exclusive styles of music boxes, theme music boxes, umbrella lamps, and the Disney products are even exclusive in Shanghai.

This winter “Metropolitan Music Box Party” will surely turn dreams into a party of curios for nearly two months. If you travel to Shanghai, don’t miss the “Metropolitan Music Box Party”.

Time: Nov 11, 2016-Jan 8, 2017
Place: Shanghai Henderson Metropolitan